PIXTA Sponsors Mediacorp Young Lions Competition 2016

PIXTA Inc., a leading operator of Japanese online marketplace for stock images and videos, is pleased to announce that it sponsored for the Mediacorp Young Lions Competition 2016 held on March 19th - 21st in Singapore.
PIXTA, as the Official Contents Sponsor, offered the contest participants access to its photos, illustrations and videos for the competition. In addition, PIXTA will be presenting an award to the winners on stage on the Results Night held on April 14th. We will present them with a free download license for 20 images/videos.
PIXTA is pleased to support Singapore’s young and talented creators by encouraging creative works through the use of our contents.

■About Mediacorp Young Lions Competition 2016 Cannes Lions hosts the Young Lions Competition annually for young creative professionals to prove their skills and talents at the global level. Mediacorp is the official Cannes Lions Representative for Singapore and has organised the Mediacorp Young Lions Competition to select the best teams to represent the country in the prestigious Cannes Young Lions Competition.

Cannes Lions - Mediacorp

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