Delivering talents to make the world a more positive place


We establish creative platforms to deliver talented people around the world.

When PIXTA Inc. was established in 2005, we noticed that there was a large number of talented amateur photographer not being discovered around the world, and this inspired us to start PIXTA to share their talents with the world. Ever since, we have worked on making the world a “flat” place where anybody can share his or her talent.
However, if we take a moment we can see that a lot of talents in other fields are still not being discovered. Therefore, we have decided to establish other online creative platforms for various fields where anybody can promote his or her talents, and this, we believe, enables us to deliver countless undiscovered talents to the world and connect them to the right people.
As a result, this will help those talented people feel needed and accepted. Not only that, it will allow others the opportunity to encounter talents around the world. With the countless opportunities and positive aspects we can provide, our hope is to make the world a more positive place, and this, we believe, is our mission.